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is your business stressing you out?

Come As You Are

You don't have to feel ready. You don't need to have your shit together. You just need to be willing to work to make the positive change you're longing for.

Flexibility is Key

Every session starts with a check-in. We temporarily set the goals aside to address what's most important at that moment, so you can move on and focus on the rest.

Customized for You

You're unique, and you deserve a coach that celebrates that. You won't find cookie-cutter approaches or empty promises here. We'll work together to set goals and practices that work for YOU.

"Lisa’s coaching moves me forward in practical ways and helps me see what is possible for me personally and for my business. My income has increased substantially by working with Lisa, and I have a clear path moving forward. Lisa is compassionate and positive. Working with her is a pleasure and I look forward to our sessions knowing that I will learn something new and grow each time."

Want more? Let's get started.